ShareLife At St. Patrick

ShareLife from April 6 – 9, 2021.

ShareLife is the charitable arm of the Archdiocese of Toronto. It supports more than 40 Catholic agencies that serve people who are poor and marginalized in the Archdiocese of Toronto and beyond. ShareLife funded agencies serve the entire community, regardless of religious affiliation. There are so many people who have been greatly affected in this pandemic and ShareLife has been there to support programs that help people in need in our community. People suffering from mental health illnesses, isolated seniors, young mothers and their children, newcomers to Canada, and people with special needs. This is why our school will be supporting ShareLife this year to ensure that we do our part to help those in need. During ShareLife Week our school will be making daily announcements to help raise awareness of the work of ShareLife and will be holding a special GREEN Day for ShareLife on Thursday, April 8, 2021.This year, due to the pandemic, we will not be able to collect cash donations at the school. If you wish to make an electronic donation to our school’s ShareLife Campaign, please read the following information and Two Step Instructions on how you can support ShareLife.

Step One – Make an e-transfer from your bank account to Please note: No security question and answer is required as this is an auto deposit account. If a security question/answer is set up your deposit cannot be completed. The minimum donation amount for a tax receipt is $10. All tax receipts will be issued by ShareLife. Many financial institutions have waived their e-transfer fees due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please check with your financial institution if you have any questions about how to make an e-transfer or email transfer.

Step Two – Complete this YCDSB 2021 ShareLife Campaign Form Before you complete the form, please send your donation by e-transfer from your bank account to Filling out this form will allow the school to track your donation so your contribution can be added to our school’s tally. This form will also allow for a charitable tax receipt to be issued to you from ShareLife if your donation is $10 or more. Thank you for your generosity and for supporting our school’s ShareLife Campaign!