Catholic School Council

A Message from the CSC Chair

Welcome to the St. Patrick Catholic School Council (CSC) website. As Chair and Vice Chair we are proud to say that we have a very supportive, active and engaging parent council. Our present council represents all divisions. This allows us to set goals that benefit all of the students here at St. Patrick. The St. Patrick CSC supports community building, faith development, and academic excellence as the primary objectives of the Council.

Over the years Council has supported events such as the September Family Barbecue, lunch programs, Spook-a-thon, Christmas craft event, pancake day, and much more! With regard to academic support for our teachers and students, we as a Council have financially supported materials and programs to support literacy, mathematics, the arts, and school athletic programs. We have financed Scientist in the School, math programs, school productions and purchased technology items for the school. We have also supported initiatives to improve the learning environment and well-being of our students such as the Learning Garden.

We encourage all parents to get involved and be a part of Council initiatives, to help us build a stronger school community and to support our students in their Catholic journey of learning.

God Bless,
Dan Carmichael

To become a member

  • Each parent/guardian seeking election must be nominated or self-nominated in writing, must have a child registered at the school, and must declare if he or she is employed by the school board.
  • Elected executive positions on School Council include Chair/Co-Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary. The duties of the Chair/Co-Chair include chairing Council meetings, preparing agendas, and communication with the Principal on behalf of the Council. The Treasurer is responsible for overseeing the finances of the Council and for producing financial statements for meetings as required. The Secretary is responsible for taking minutes of the meetings and the distribution of the minutes to Council members. The council can be comprised of up to 21 elected members.
  • Elections shall occur within the first thirty days of the start of each school year and the names of the successful candidates shall be made public
  • At the first meeting of the new school council at the beginning of the year, the council shall set dates, times, and locations for its meetings throughout the year.

*ALL parents are always welcome at any council meeting throughout the school year and are encouraged to participate in council activities. *